About my Mother and Child Paintings

Before reading any descriptions, I invite you to allow my paintings to speak to you . 

On this page you will gain an insight into some of my paintings and their symbolism. 

 I hope you enjoy each of  them as much as I enjoyed creating them.                                    


Mother & Child Painting by Laura Vazquez Rodriguez


  • This painting is about loving and being loved.  It is about the peace and tranquility that comes from  knowing you have everything you need to nourish and nurture your child.   
  •  The mother's belly is made to resemble an open nest made of blood vessels that transform into stems with thorns like that of a rose.  Together they blossom into one heart. 
  • One by one,  rose petals fall creating a soft and fragrant bed for the young crane to rest.   
  • The mother holds a  pomegranate representing the blessing of abundance and fertility. 
  •  The sunflower represents adoration and loyalty.  Like its name sake, it represents the sun itself.   I have placed it here to represent  the light and life that we shine upon our children.  
  • The blanket represents protection and the  leaves are the wings we give to our children, helping them to rise.  These leaves represent transformation,  strength and freedom. 
  • The mountains represent faith and the land represents the changing seasons of life 
  • Water is like the sprit of God flowing into our lives. 
  • This is SERENITY!


Planting seeds of love By Laura Vazquez Rodriguez

"Seeds of Love"

This painting titled Seeds of Love was created to honor my great grandmother.  

Everywhere she went, she scattered seeds and loved to watch them grow.  

She had grown up planting and picking crops.  

She taught me to plant seeds any chance I had so that I would always have something to eat.  

To this day I collect and plant seeds often. 

This painting is a tribute to all the women, mothers, grandmothers, and aunts,  who plant seeds of love, hope, compassion, and courage into our lives and the lives of our children.  

May the seeds of love that we plant today bear much fruit for generations to come.

Seeds of Love,  Mother and Child Artwork by Laura Vazquez Rodriguez.

Seeds of Love,  Mother and Child Artwork by Laura Vazquez Rodriguez.

A mother with her children, Together, where they belong


Inseparable is a painting about a  mother and her children. 

They are connected together, like pieces of a puzzle. 

This family unit is not intended to be separated.   

The mother is strong and she holds her children close, 

each finding strength and comfort in one another.  

Inseparable,  Acrylic on Canvas, 15" x 30" © 2019 Laura Vazquez Rodriguez, 

Original painting is sold.  Image is available as a giclee on canvas.

Inseparable, Art by Laura V. Rodriguez,
Mother and her three Children.

Inseparable, Art by Laura V. Rodriguez,

Mother and her three Children.

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