Laura Vazquez Rodriguez was born in Los Angeles, California and raised in the small community of Pico Rivera. 

She received a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, specializing in Illustration, from California State University, Long Beach. 

Laura is a skilled visual storyteller and her paintings are filled with  symbolism.  Her love for her culture and deep faith are reflected in each of her pieces.   Laura is best known for her vibrant paintings of mother and child.  Her  focus is on spirituality and art, the bond between a mother and child, life and death, love and healing.  She works mostly with acrylic on canvas and carved wood panels.   Strong, symmetrical compositions and continuous lines are all important elements within her designs. 

Laura’s artwork has been showcased on book covers, educational posters, documentaries and periodicals. She has created art for CABE (California Association of Bilingual Education) and AMAE (The Association of Mexican American Educators). Her personal paintings can be found in many private and public art collections.

Laura has exhibited artwork at Self Help Graphics, UCLA, Cal Poly Pomona, The University of Arizona, Whittier College, Santa Paula’s California Oil Museum, Santa Fe Springs, Pasadena, Beverly Hills, Gallery ChimMaya, and the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Angels in Los Angeles. Laura is a resident artist at Casita del Pueblo in Whittier, California. Her most recent works include a logo for the city of Los Angeles and the cover art for Roberto Rodriguez’s book Our Sacred Maiz is Our Mother: Indigeneity and Belonging in the Americas.

This is My Song

My paintings are my voice.

With my paintings I  celebrate family.

   I celebrate the beauty of women and their unwavering strength.  

I celebrate love.  I celebrate unity.  

I celebrate life! 

 Laura Vazquez Rodriguez 


Artist's Statement

I come from a family of storytellers with such great imaginations.  My great grandmother was by far the best.  She could create such a sense of wonder in a room.  So by nature, when I fell in love with drawing,  I too began to tell stories.  Each of us has a story.  Sometimes I share my story,  sometimes, I share that of others.  Art connects us,  and I paint what I feel connected to.  

I am a Latina, a mother, a wife, and a  woman of faith with  a deep love for humanity.   Through the years I have created many mother and child paintings.  The Madonna and child are at the heart of these images.  The Love,  joy,  sacrifice,  and serenity, that comes with caring for another human being is central to my understanding of humanity, especially as a woman and mother.  

My goal when painting anything is to convey hope, encouragement, love, and pride.

Artist's Statement continued

Laura V. Rodriguez, Lets Fly Away, Butterfly on a Magnolia flower painting.  Being transformed.
Laura V. Rodriguez, Hummingbird in art
Laura V. Rodriguez, Cuando Sueño, Holy Spirit guiding woman, reaching for love

I use my art as a metaphor for life,  I  often use  symmetry to create balance and harmony, elements that I feel are essential to life and art.  Symbolism plays a very large role in my work.  It is my favorite way to convey messages.  Trees, water, and  roots are some of the symbols I use most often since for me they represent Creation and reflect our connection to the Heavens and Earth,

Art is a universal language.   It transcends cultural boundaries, linking us to one another and giving us a better understanding of ourselves and the world around us. I am proud when my art plays a role in helping to create that bridge.