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“Día del Maestro” Art Prints


It is said that it takes a whole village to
raise a child.  Starting at the bottom are OPEN hands willing to give, willing to receive. 
These hands nurture the spirit of the child.  They are educators, parents, community members.  Together they weave a strong foundation on which each child is grounded.  

These "helping hands" help students
to reach for the stars, walk on their journey, plant seeds, nourish those seeds
and light their way.

Extending from the fingers are roots with words that are empowering...courage, respect, etc.  The six pillars
of Character are included here.

The child holds an open book representing his eagerness to learn.
A ""tree of knowledge" surrounds
him...springs forth from him... like fruit from a tree. 

A flame is lit!

The tree resembles an ojo de Dios.  This
symbolizes an understanding of things that are unknown. 
The key unlocks knowledge and the bird represents the spirit of freedom that comes with understanding the world around us.

The Latino culture is alive with color and music so this piece is especially vibrant.
It is intended to be a celebration of education!

Laura Vazquez Rodriguez, Dia Del Maestro, Art Prints, Los Angeles

Laura Vazquez Rodriguez,  Dare to Read, Dream and Achieve Poster!  Tree of Books, Reach for the sky!